Cord Blood Accreditation Committee Activity Update

Posted in :: 2018 Volume 3 :: Sunday, August 19th, 2018

By Cassandra Kennedy, Accreditation Coordinator

The Cord Blood Accreditation Committee reviews inspection reports under the NetCord-FACT International Standards for Cord Blood Collection, Banking, and Release for Administration and makes recommendations to the FACT Board of Directors regarding accreditation status. This committee includes 14 committee members who are experts in the field and are experienced in cord blood banking, collection, and/or processing.

The committee conducts regularly-scheduled meetings to review inspection reports for renewal accreditation. A commonly cited topic within recent inspection reports is assessment of hemodilution (i.e., B3.1.18, C3.1.14, and D2.1.6). Cord blood banks must ensure there is a description of the process for assessing hemodilution and that there are established acceptance levels. For more information on common Cord Blood Bank citations, FACT encourages you to register for the WMDA-NetCord & FACT Cord Blood Day on September 14, 2018.