Ensure Receipt of FACT Communications!

Posted in :: 2018 Volume 2 :: Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

By Alisa Forsythe, IT Business Analyst

Email filters are critical to protecting business information systems, but, ironically, sometimes those filters can be overprotective and stop important messages from reaching your inbox.

In an effort to provide real-time, accessible, and environmentally and economically friendly information, FACT connects with its stakeholders from three main domains. All of these domains must be able to pass your email filters. If you received this newsletter via email, you likely do not have a problem. However, it is highly possible that your colleagues do. We strongly recommend you add FACT to the “white list” (sometimes referred to as a “safe list” or a “safe sender list”) of every colleague at your institution who should receive FACT information.

FACT domains that need whitelisted include:

  • New accreditation portal email address (portal@factwebsite.org)
  • The FACT store (smtp.fact.matrixmaxx.com)
  • Newsletters (mailingmaxx.factweb.org)

Emails generated from the FACT accreditation portal contain very important information, such as notifications, approval requests, and webpage links. The FACT store sends emails related to meeting registrations and online purchases, including free downloads. Newsletters, including this quarterly newsletter and weekly digests, provide information both critical and helpful for successfully achieving and maintaining compliance with FACT requirements.

Based on the security settings of your institution’s personnel accounts, it is possible that you will need to enlist the help of your Information Technology department. If you are able to whitelist email senders yourself, or if you use a personal email account for FACT correspondence, the following are helpful instructions:

After adding FACT’s domains to your whitelist, your email system may still attempt to filter FACT messages by sorting them into junk or clutter folders. If you do not receive an expected email from FACT and have already added us to your whitelist, check those folders. If ever in doubt, contact your FACT Accreditation Coordinator or the FACT office (fact@unmc.edu, 1-402-559-1950).