FACT Announces Cord Blood Inspection and Accreditation Workshop at the 2020 ISCT Annual Meeting, Paris

Posted in :: 2019 Volume 10 :: Thursday, October 31st, 2019

FACT Cord Blood Inspection and Accreditation Workshop
Tuesday, May 26
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

This training workshop is designed to explain the requirements for FACT accreditation of cord blood banks. FACT representatives will clarify the intent of the NetCord-FACT Standards, provide inspectors tips for conducting inspections, and assist programs in organizing and preparing for the accreditation process.

The workshop includes an applicant and inspector training track. The applicant track will begin with an overview of the FACT accreditation process and continue with hands-on activities to guide the applicant through the accreditation process.

The inspector training track is required for all inspector trainees. This track is designed to walk the trainee through the entire inspection experience; from the moment the inspector accepts an inspection assignment through submitting the inspection report. Each trainee will receive their own checklist accompanied by applicable inspection documents. Inspector trainees have required assignments to complete before attending the workshop. In order to attend this track, you must be pre-approved as an inspector trainee.

Apply to train as a FACT inspector.  If approved, you can attend the workshop FREE of charge! Eligible Cord Blood Bank personnel are encouraged to serve as a volunteer FACT inspector and enjoy the following value-added benefits:

Exposure to Exemplary Practices

As an inspector, you can observe how other facilities meet FACT Standards and bring home new ideas. Interaction with inspection team members also provides the opportunity to network and collaborate.

Professional Development

Improve your knowledge of FACT requirements and serve as an asset in ensuring your organization meets Standards. “FACT Inspector” also looks great on a curriculum vitae.


Inspectors have influence over FACT policies and requirements. Input from FACT inspectors is sought in the process of developing new editions of Standards.

Free Access to FACT Educational Resources

As a volunteer, you will have free access to both in-person and online educational events with an annual value over$1,800.

Information about qualifications and how to apply to become a FACT inspector can be found on the FACT website. If you have any questions, please contact Mikaela VanMoorleghem or the FACT office.

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