Accreditation Statistics

As of May 2, 2024

Cellular Therapy Entities

  • Accredited: 262
  • Applicants: 30

Cord Blood Banks

  • Accredited: 48
  • Applicants: 10


Initial Accreditations

  • Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates | Cellular Therapy Product Processing with Minimal Manipulation
  • CHN - Complexo Hospitalar de Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Adult and Pediatric Allogeneic and Autologous Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Transplantation, Marrow and  Peripheral Blood Cellular Therapy Product Collection, and Cellular Therapy Product Processing with Minimal Manipulation


A complete list of accredited organizations can be found at

Introducing FACT Audit & Assessment Services: Streamlining Site Assessments for Enhanced Patient Access

Posted in :: 2024 Volume 2 :: Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

By Shawn Phillips, FAAS Auditor

We are excited to announce the official launch of FACT Audit & Assessment Services (FAAS), a new solution provided by FACT Consulting Services aimed at improving site assessments in the cellular therapy industry. Our mission is simple: to optimize patient care and enhance access to cellular therapies by streamlining the auditing process for all stakeholders involved.

In response to the growing demand for efficient assessment solutions in the rapidly evolving landscape of cell and gene therapy products, FAAS offers a new approach. Our services are designed to rapidly evaluate sites’ capabilities, facilitating their integration into companies’ networks while significantly reducing the burden of duplicative audits on healthcare sites.

FAAS is positioned to provide a singular, comprehensive assessment of collection and/or treatment sites via an assessment process that will become familiar to sites, providing a single audit summary report that can be leveraged by multiple companies.

Why FAAS Matters

With the development of numerous cell and gene therapy products, the need for qualified sites has never been more urgent. FAAS addresses this need by offering:

  • Efficiency: Our streamlined assessment process saves time and resources for both healthcare sites and industry players, allowing them to focus on delivering cutting-edge treatments to patients.
  • Quality Assurance: FAAS verifies that sites meet quality standards and regulations, providing assurance to companies and patients alike.
  • Enhanced Patient Access: By reducing the audit strain on industry sites, FAAS enables them to serve a broader patient population, ultimately advancing the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Why FAAS Can be the Ultimate Solution

  • Proven Process: Our methodologies are based on the globally trusted FACT accreditation program for cellular therapy, providing comprehensive evaluation and guidance for corrective actions.
  • Optimizing Access: We utilize consistent audit and assessment procedures and leverage existing reports to reduce the burden of repetitive audits, accelerate site qualification, and enhance access to cellular therapy for patients.
  • Tailored Programs: We design audit and assessment programs tailored to clients’ specific needs, whether it’s scope, geography, frequency, or number of sites.
  • Balanced Approach: We strike a balance between standardization and customization, optimizing quality at non-accredited sites and leveraging existing FACT accreditation to streamline audits.
  • Addressing Challenges: Say goodbye to unclear requirements and resource allocation issues. Our services alleviate the time, workforce, and financial burden of site certification on both health care sites and industry.

Meet Our Team

Leading FAAS is Liz Ferraro, Manager of Audit and Assessment Services. She is a seasoned Quality Manager with over 30 years of experience in healthcare quality management. With a proven track record at Nebraska Medicine Apheresis Program and LifeNet Health, Liz brings a wealth of expertise to her role.





Shawn Phillips, FAAS Auditor, is a quality auditor with a clinical background in Nuclear Medicine. His experience at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Institute uniquely positions him to contribute to FAAS’s mission of ensuring site excellence.





How You Can Help

We invite programs and healthcare professionals to join us in spreading the word about FAAS. By recommending FAAS to companies seeking to conduct audits, you not only support the advancement of innovative treatments but also contribute to expanding patient access to these life-changing therapies. Companies can initiate the process of developing a customized assessment program via the Needs Assessment Form on the FACT Consulting Services website. Feel free to share this link!

FAAS represents a pivotal step towards optimizing site assessments and enhancing patient access to groundbreaking treatments. Together, let’s propel the healthcare industry forward and make a meaningful difference in patients’ lives.