Accreditation Statistics

As of June 3, 2024

Cellular Therapy Entities

  • Accredited: 262
  • Applicants: 30

Cord Blood Banks

  • Accredited: 48
  • Applicants: 10


Initial Accreditations

  • Cord Blood Bank University Hospital Basel Cord Blood Collection (Fixed and Non-Fixed sites), Banking, and Release for Administration of Unrelated and Related Donations
  • Cord Blood Bank Geneva Cord Blood Collection (Fixed, Non-Fixed sites), Banking, and Release for Administration of Unrelated and Related Donations


A complete list of accredited organizations can be found at

Just the FACTs, 2020 Volume 7

Posted in :: 2020 Volume 7 :: Thursday, September 17th, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I am really struck by the universal importance of hope in the setting of information (read truth), and I encourage you to read the article by Dina Becirovic, one of FACT’s Accreditation Coordinators. And when we think about giving our patients the best chance, Louis Pasteur is credited with “chance favors the prepared mind”—and prepare we must, for it is our preparation and systems that give complex care the best “chance” of success.

We celebrate Apheresis Awareness Day today (as I write this) and recognize World Marrow Donor Day, thanking the thousands of unselfish donors giving so others may have a better chance. Our apheresis teams are busier and busier, and donors of all kinds are needed for our ever-expanding population of transplant-eligible individuals.

Don’t forget to register and participate in our virtual workshop next week! Be sure to take advantage of the new way to network: upload a photo and information about yourself and send messages to other participants. I have a feeling we will do this more even when in-person meetings resume.

I know as another month has gone by you all have had one more month of handling the stresses of this reality. Child care challenges, two people working from home competing for the same space, internet speed, and airspace! Not to mention the irony of health-care workers furloughed during a health-care crisis, and the obvious stresses that induces. So, recognizing this, take a minute, breathe, and find an hour for yourself this week (I’d suggest more, but I have grandchildren three and under, so I know the odds of more than an hour are small). Without you the patients don’t get better. And one last request, think about and do whatever you can for everyone up and down the West Coast who have lost so much.

Take care!

Dennis Gastineau