Enhancements to FACT’s Listing of Independently Accredited Collection Facilities

Posted in :: 2021 Volume 4 :: Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

Accredited organizations are listed on the FACT website at http://www.factwebsite.org/. The listing of independently accredited Collection Facilities now specifies collection site locations included in their FACT accreditation. The addition of the specific collection sites included in the accreditation will assure organizations seeking collection facilities that the location has been inspected and meets FACT Standards.

Collection Facilities may be accredited as part of a single transplant program (i.e. in relation to one Clinical Program) or independently of a program. When a facility is accredited under the umbrella of a single program(s), whether it is integrally part of the same institution or a contracted external facility, it must be inspected with each program it serves. The term “independent” indicates that the facility has been accredited to operate in relation to multiple programs, rather than in relation to one specific program.

The website of FACT-accredited organizations offers a variety of search functions, such as “Search by Name”, “Search by Cell Therapy or Cord Blood”, and “Search by Collection Type”. To search for an independently accredited Collection Facility, use the “Search by Service Providers” function. Drop-down options under this function include:

  • All Service Providers.
  • Cellular Therapy Processing Provider.
  • Marrow Collection Provider.
  • Peripheral Blood Collection Provider.

View the list of FACT-Accredited organizations on the FACT website