FACT Launches Fund Development Initiatives

Posted in :: 2023 Volume 3 :: Friday, May 19th, 2023

Recently, FACT welcomed its first Director of Development, Meredith Lambe, to develop and implement a fundraising plan to support FACT’s mission and vision by enriching FACT’s education and training program, prevent increased service costs, and expand access to patient therapies.

To oversee fundraising efforts, a Fund Development Committee was established and is led by Committee Chair Alan Balch, PhD. The committee is comprised of members of the FACT’s Board of Directors including Wanxing Cui, MD, PhD,  Carlos Ramos, MD,  Abba Zubair MD, PhD, Patrick Hanley PhD, Carlos Bachier, MD and Navneet Majhail, MD along with FACT Chief Executive Officer Linda Miller, FACT Chief Medical Officer Phyllis Warkentin, MD, and Meredith Lambe.

FACT will soon execute its fund development program to broaden and enhance its educational activities and expand training to more inspectors internationally. In addition, funding will aid in conducting additional accreditation workshops to provide essential information and resources to site personnel awaiting accreditation and ultimately accelerate delivery of quality therapies to the market safely and promptly.

The fund development program encompasses three initiatives. The first initiative is a Sponsorship Program that will enable companies to support FACT training and education workshops, quality boot camps, and webinars.

The second initiative is an Affiliate Program. Companies, including pharmaceutical, biotherapy, suppliers, and technology companies, will have the opportunity to join FACT as an Affiliate to receive timely information and discounts regarding education programs, receive recognition on the FACT website and newsletter, and participate in exclusive affiliate forums to share vital information related to accreditation. Sites interested in becoming accredited may also join as an Affiliate to take advantage of FACT resources at a discounted rate and have access to information about the FACT Standards and accreditation requirements.

Lastly, FACT will be applying for grant funding with corporations, private and public foundations, and government agencies to broaden the Education Program, provide resources to low-to-middle income countries lacking necessary resources to receive accreditation, and offer scholarships to site personnel and professionals interested in attending FACT workshops. FACT will also accept individual donations to support FACT’s services.

If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming FACT educational event, please contact Meredith Lambe at meredith.lambe@factglobal.org. The 2023 summer/fall education schedule includes:

  • June 23, FACT Virtual Quality Boot Camp: Apheresis Collection, Processing, and Cord Blood Banking
  • August 15, Perth, Australia. FACT Accreditation Workshop and Inspector Training Course at ISCT ANZ 2023 Regional Meeting.
  • August 25-26, Puebla, Mexico. FACT Accreditation Workshop and Inspector Training Course at SMTT Mexican Society Cell & Transplantation Meeting.
  • September 7, Miami, Florida. FACT Cord Blood Accreditation Workshop and Cord Blood Inspector Training Course at Cord Blood Connect Meeting.
  • September 7, Houston, Texas. FACT Accreditation Workshop and Processing Inspector Training Course at ISCT North America Regional Meeting.

Thank you for your consideration to support FACT!