Just the FACTs 2023 Volume 3

Posted in :: 2023 Volume 3 :: Friday, May 19th, 2023

President’s Letter

I am excited to share with you FACT’s three-year strategic plan for the years 2023-2025 in this month’s newsletter. The plan, initiated in January 2023, includes three defining objectives that are critical for the effective conduct of new and ongoing mission-driven activities within the next wave of cell therapy advancements. To accomplish these objectives and prevent increased service costs, FACT hired its first Director of Development, Meredith Lambe, to develop and implement a fundraising plan to support FACT’s mission and vision over the next three years. To that end, this newsletter also describes FACT’s fundraising activities that will take place in the coming months and years.

FACT is constantly evolving, and our strategic plan will position us to continue to successfully realize our mission of improving the quality of cellular therapies for the benefit of the patients we serve. This is indeed an exciting time for our field!

Catherine M. Bollard, MD
FACT President