Just the FACTs, Volume 7

Posted in :: 2019 Volume 7 :: Monday, July 29th, 2019

I am just going to assume that wherever many of you may be, you either are or have been hot and sticky this month. Despite the heat, there are some cool things going on.

First, I recently finished performing my first inspection with the new portal. Both inspectors and programs who have not used it yet are in for a treat. Far faster response times allow you to review much more data in much less time. I chatted with the program’s frontline folks, and they said the uploading was much better as well. I am confident you will have a reaction similar to mine when you are next scheduled to inspect.

Second, in this newsletter you can read about the Clinical Outcomes Committee process (and you might even want to read the whole journal article!). The process has evolved to the point that both the FACT office and the committee are able to give a great deal of guidance to programs as they look to improve their programs and thereby the outcomes for their patients. From humble beginnings, Michael Lill took the committee to a much more sophisticated and helpful level. That evolution continues today.

Join us in this continued progress and support of cellular therapy programs!

Dennis Gastineau, MD

FACT President