Accreditation Statistics

As of May 2, 2024

Cellular Therapy Entities

  • Accredited: 262
  • Applicants: 30

Cord Blood Banks

  • Accredited: 48
  • Applicants: 10


Initial Accreditations

  • Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates | Cellular Therapy Product Processing with Minimal Manipulation
  • CHN - Complexo Hospitalar de Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Adult and Pediatric Allogeneic and Autologous Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Transplantation, Marrow and  Peripheral Blood Cellular Therapy Product Collection, and Cellular Therapy Product Processing with Minimal Manipulation


A complete list of accredited organizations can be found at

New Volunteer Committee Members

Posted in :: 2019 Volume 5 :: Friday, May 17th, 2019

Annually, FACT distributes a Call for Volunteers to solicit new committee members for its Standing and Special Committees.

The FACT Board of Director strives to have a 20% turnover each year in committee membership to provide new opportunities for those interested in becoming more involved with FACT as well as to interject fresh and innovative perspectives in working groups.

It is always moving to see the numbers of volunteers willing to devote their personal time in light of increasingly busy schedules. Although there are typically not enough positions available to place all volunteers on a committee, we retain the information of volunteers to appoint to committees in subsequent years.

Following are the FACT Committees that had vacancies this year and their new members:

Education Committee

Purpose: To develop education and training programs for inspectors and for personnel at applicant and accredited facilities to promote knowledge and understanding of current standards, create awareness of commonly cited deficiencies, and promote quality in cellular therapy.

  • Nicole Acqui, MD
  • Alex Babic, MD, PhD
  • Guy Klamer, PhD
  • Yogesh Jethava, MBBS
  • Premal Lulla, MD
  • Joseph Lynch, MD
  • Huy Pham, MD, MPH
  • Priti Tewari, MD

Quality Management Committee 

Purpose: Develop and administer programs that maintain high quality in FACT’s organizational operations and in accredited programs.

    • Sylvia Dulan, RN, MSN, MBA, PMP –
    • Kris Michael Mahadeo, MD, MPH
    • Omotayo Fasan, MBBS, MRCP
    • Krista Holcomb

FACT-CIBMTR Data Audit Committee

Purpose: Coordinate the evaluation of transplant center data audits performed by FACT and CIBMTR.

    • Jaskiran Kaur, CQA(ASQ)
    • Linh Sellers, CCRP
    • Hemant Murthy, MD

Technology Committee

Purpose: Enhance, refine, streamline, and improve the efficiency of the accreditation process and educational programs through the continued improvement of Technology and FACT’s online presence.

    • Leon Su, MBA, FCAP, FASCP
    • Shanlong Jian, BS, MS
    • Federerico Rodriguez Quezada BSMT, SBB(ASCP)

The contributions of our volunteer committee members has been invaluable and  has resulted in the tremendous success of FACT. Thank you to all our volunteers for your dedication and support of FACT to ensure quality patient care, improve treatment outcomes, and foster continue development in the field of cellular therapy.